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10 Smart Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants

10 Smart Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

1. Save Money
Your Virtual Assistant works on part-time or full-time basis, depending on your current need of business support. Thus, you save invariable expenses for monthly salary and insurance, as well as fixed expenses for office space: rental fee, costs for office maintenance, equipment and consumables, etc.

2. No Location Limitations
You do not need to have an extra office space to hire your Virtual Assistant and there is no need for you to purchase additional equipment for one more office working space. Your Virtual Assistant is with you virtually even though you may be on a business trip world-wide.

3. Covers all Your Needs – 7/24/365
Your Virtual Assistant is available at any time 7/24/365 which also includes official holidays and non-working holidays when other institutions do not work. Also, there is no risk of losing your employee because of maternity leave or temporary incapacity for work because of illness. You always get extra support – a back-up of a second trained Virtual Assistant who can replace the one you work with.

4. Access to Wide Range of Experts
No matter if you need a Personal, Administrative or Specialized Virtual Assistant who is expert in administration, marketing, PR, HR, IT, accountancy or legal expert. You will get exactly what you need immediately, without wasting time to choose amongst a lot of candidates and to train and test an employee.

5. Flexible Working Terms and Conditions
Your Virtual Assistant is flexible depending on your individual business needs. He works for you on a project basis, hourly basis, subscription monthly plan or any other variable form possible. Working terms and conditions are in conformity with your specific requirements and criteria.

6. 100% Guarantee for Confidentiality
Your Virtual Assistant acts on your behalf, protects your interests and company’s reputation, while making your business image more attractive to your clients and partners. Your Virtual Assistant observes, prevents and takes measures against possible challenges that may arise in or out of your team or office.

8. A Trained Eye
Your Virtual Assistant is an invaluable advisor and counselor, since he is objective and has an unbiased view at the global situation of your business, while being precised to all related details.

9. Multi-Tasking
Our Virtual Assistants Team has the power to improve your business, as they can do multiple roles such as personal assistant, social media marketing consultant, customer support, transcriber, researcher, business analyst or writer or any other type of business expertise and excellence you may need.

10. More Fun and Leisure Time
Having a Virtual Assistant at your disposal allows you to have more leisure time to do what you love: to be with your beloved ones, to have more fun, to enjoy doing your hobby and focus on your priorities of life.

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