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Our Team


Job Title: Enthusiast
Education: Master in Business Administration, Specialist in Business Management, Bachelor in Social Pedagogy
Specialized in: Project management, Events organization, Administrative management, Administrative-secretarial activities, Customer service and support, Personal Assistance
Business industries: Insurance, IT, building and maintenance of gas stations, Trading with EU – Import and Export, real estates, tourism
Interests: PhotoReading of Business & Esoteric literature, MindMaps, Lean Toyota Philosophy, Business Clubs & Networking Events, Sport activities
Hobby: Painting of landscapes, Fashion desing of clothing
Motto: Never Ever Give Up! (W. Churchill)
Awards / Achievements: Virtual Assistants is winner in 1st and 2nd rounds of 3 Challenge competition for innovative business ideas, organized by Start It Smart Entrepreneurs Club.


KristinaEskenaziаName:   KRISTINA   ESKENAZI
Job Title: Sales, PR & Marketing Manager
Education: Marketing & Public Relations, Bachelor in Social Pedagogy
Specialized in: Online & Onsite Public Relations, Marketing and Sales campaigns,Crisis PR, Strategic PR – planning & consulting, Corporate Communications, Project Management, Financial Budget planning & reporting, Media relations, planning & training, Media monitoring, Negotiations with partners and sponsors, Crisis PR, Social PR, Official documents preparation, Administrative management
Business industry: Branding & PR, Politics, Trade, Publishing, Advertising, Non-Governmental Organization sector
Interests: Charity (CanisTherapy & Children playgrounds), Participation in social causes, Fantasy books, Rock music, Dances
Hobby: Collecting Marketing & Advertising „failures“ for the Hall of Shame & Fun


AngelinaPolyanskaаbName:   ANGELINA   POLYANSKA
Job Title: Administrative Virtual Assistant
Education: Master in Psychology
Specialized in: Project coordination of administrative activities, Organization of working schedule, Translations of legal and financial documentation, Preparation of official documents, Reporting & Tracking of the status of project’s tasks, Communications with third parties – partners and subcontractors, Telephone calls in crisis situations, Web and Market Researches, Working with Data Base, Archiving various documentation
Business industry: Law office, Social & Health-care sector, Non-Governmental Organization, Government institutions
Interests: Theatre, Books, Rock & Heavy Metal music
Hobby: Excursions in nature with family, Parties with friends
Motto: „Who being loved is poor?“ – Oscar Wilde, „One of the most dangerous thoughts is: „Everybody do that“ – L. Tolstoy


VanyaKonsulovaаName:   VANYA   KONSULOVA
Job Title: Personal Virtual Assistant
Education: Master in Business Management, Specialist in Social Project Management, Bachelor in Theology
Specialized in: Personal Assistance, Coordination of meetings, Organization of business calendar, Preparation of official correspondence, Translations of legal documents, Reports preparation, Archiving of various documentation, Communications with providers & subcontractors, Reservations, Reporting of all bank transfer payments.
Business industry: Insurance, Architecture, engineering & construction sector, International Non-Governmental Organization, Luxury cosmetic products, Education
Interests: Children psychology, Books
Hobby: Making unique hand-made cakes, Going to picnic with family, Pop & rock music, Having fun with friends


Job title: Administrative Virtual Assistant
Education: Master in English and American studies, Master in English Philology
Specialized in: Translations of specialized documentation, Projects and Applications for EU funding, Translation of subtitles for movies, technical instructions and manuals, International communications, Teaching in private schools for foreign languages and students.
Business industry: Government institutions, Electricity Engineering sector, Education, Entertainment
Interests: Excursions abroad, Christianity, Books
Hobby: Cooking and eating gourmet food, Relaxation & Meditaion


DanielaNikolova-PicаbName:   DANIELA   NIKOLOVA
Job title: Administrative Virtual Assistant
Education: Master in Marketing & Advertising, Bachelor in Turkish philology, Specialist in Business Management
Specialized in: Reservations and Organizations of trips and excursions, Preparation of related documentation, insurance and contracts, Assistance and Guidance to tourists abroad, Taking measures in crisis situations, Informational functions, Translations of documents, Preparation of correspondence, Telephone calls with third parties – partners and institutions, Guiding tourists & Sightseeing
Business industry:Tourism, International tour operators, Bulding and Cosntruction sector, Sales, Customer services & support, Customer representative
Interests: Sport, Dances, Books, Retro music
Motto: „Do whatever you have to do and let whatever happens!“


DilianaRacheva-PicаbName:   DILIANA   RACHEVA
Job title: Virtual Secretary
Education: Bachelor in Automation, Information & Control Engineering
Specialized in: Preparation of specialized documentation for public tenders, Offers & Contracts preparation, Creation of Technical reports with figures, Excellent organizational skills, Project Management, Observation of terms and conditions, deadline and status of orders, Official corresponcende, Calendar organization, Data entry and transfer
Business industry: Building and Construction sector, Infrastructure projects
Interests: Sightseeing, Books, Music, Parties with friends
Motto: Win without showing off yourself, lose without making excuses. If you do not look for something you will not find anything. If you do not ask, you will never understand.


GaliaGabovaаbName:   GALINA    GABOVA
Job Title: Virtual Assistant – Expert
Education: Business Management
Specialized in: Project Management, Peparation of Marketing & Advertising materials, Graphic Design
Business industries: Web Design, IT, Advertising & Marketing
Interests: Graphic and web design, Sport, Books, Travelling, TEDx, Music
Hobby: Swimming, Reading, Sightseeing
Motto: Just do it. (Nike)
Awards / Achievements: Adobe Generation Contribution Award, Second place in Innovation Challenge Competition, Junior Achievement certificates, INGOT (ICT certificates)

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