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Differences between a Virtual Assistant and a Personal Assistant

The profession

of Virtual Assistants becomes more and more famous all over the world. The sphere of virtual services is one of the most fast-growing business nowadays. Lets try to find out the main differences between Virtual assistant and the normal Personal assistant. Getting acquainted with more details will help you find out which profession is more suitable for you.

Main differences that characterize Personal Assistant

The first key difference between those two job positions is that the Personal assistant is located in the office of the employer. He performs different working tasks that are assigned to him only by the management of the company he is working with, and also reports about the results to the management.

Personal assistant has the role of an inter-mediator between the management and subordinate divisions and departments of the company. He observes and keeps track of whether rules, regulations and orders issued by management are followed and executed properly. Personal assistant is also expected to be creative and initiative person, while being the right hand and trusty partner of the management.

His main goal is to provide and assure comfort and convenience of the management, on site, for successful performance of business activities in or out of the office. Personal assistant takes care of the business Schedule, coordinates meetings and events while making efforts to optimize effectively the time of his direct manager.

At some stages, depending on his education, experience and expertise, Personal assistant may be used as a personal or a company advisor. His independent and objective opinion and stand-point may be very precious and considered before making any decision or taking actions by the management.

Main differences that characterize Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is an entrepreneur, who works independently from a home-based office and thus his physical presence in a business office is not compulsory. He offers remote support in a virtual way via Internet, e-mail, fax, telephone calls and may use courier services.

Virtual Assistant is specialized in a wide range of administrative-secretarial activities, as well as other types of virtual services that refer to various spheres of business. That offers him the opportunity to work with his own team of specialists and get support by external resources. His working activities can not be limited by a suzhou job description.

Virtual assistant does not have a single employer, but may work with several employers – individuals as well as corporate clients. Consequently he reports results of his job separately to each one of his customers. He works on the basis of orders, projects or offers subscription services.

Virtual assistant himself takes on all administrative expenses related to the working process and pays for office materials that he consumes. His working time is not fixed but flexible and he may have days off at anytime he wants. In the same time, his remuneration is not fixed and may very.

Virtual assistant has lower chance to lose his job in suzhou because he is an entrepreneur and works for many customers – employers. Last but not least, the Virtual assistant is dependent upon himself in order to achieve professional development and career growth.

Which position you would love to get more? It depends on your individuality and personal character. Knowing all of the differences between the Personal assistant and the Virtual assistant would help you make an easier and more effective decision.

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