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Differences Between Virtual Office and Physically Based Standard Office

Virtual office

Differences Between Virtual Office and Physically Based Standard Office.

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In fact the only common thing between the two types of offices is that they both offer you workspace to rent. Lets try to find the main differences between the innovative Virtual Office and physically based standard office. In this way it would be much easier for you to decide what kind of office fits your needs better and to rent it.

Main Characteristics of the Virtual Office

Virtual Office is a physically based office. It provides virtual services as well as on site support on a physically located address. It can be rented for a few hours monthly only whenever you need it. It is suitable workplace for entrepreneurs, start up companies, business rangers who need trading representative office in a foreign country or busy businessmen who travel worldwide most of the time.

Virtual Office provides wonderful and creative office facilities: nice and ellegant reception, conference hall with multimedia, private cubical for confidential conversations and work tasks, coffee lounge for informal meetings, broad terraces for evening cocktail events and wonderful view. Workspace in the Virtual Offices is always flexible and can be changed and amended at anytime, depending on your specific requirements and needs.

Virtual Office offers you a great opportunity for business and social networking with other businessmen and professionals who use the office facilities. Each one of them comes from various business industries and interacts with one another. That gives you the opportunity to share and exchange your ideas and experience with other members of the Virtual Office.

Another different aspect is that you have access to complex and various business services that your business needs and may get very good discounts. Moreover the Virtual Office saves you money because you do not pay extra administrative monthly costs for electricity, water, Internet, office consumables etc. You only pay monthly subscription fee based on the number of hours spent in the Virtual Office, including only services that you used.

Another difference is that Virtual Office provides an international local VoIP telephone number of your company which you can keep forever and use at anytime no matter where you are located physically

Main Characteristics of the Physically Based Standard Office

Standard physically based office is usually rented for a long-term period – one or more years on the basis of an agreement concluded. If you want to terminate the contract, you are required to notify your land-lord at least 3 months earlier.

Another difference is that you pay monthly rental fee which also includes extra administrative costs for electricity, water, Internet, office consumables etc. You also have to pay additional monthly fee for the maintenance of the building. You can dispose of the standard office at anytime during workdays and non-working days and you pay for those days, no matter if you use it or not at that time.

Only your employees and team are located in your office, thus the number of professionals you have access to is limited. Most times networking and social contacts are possible only between the members of your team without external participants.

Office workspace in such office is limited to what you rented and can not be rearranged without the consent of your land-lord, unless you are lucky and he agrees to amend the property. It is possible that you need to purchase in addition special office furniture and various office equipment and machines which requires big investments in your business. In the same time, you have to conclude additional contracts with providers of office consumables such as paper, coffee, tea, pens etc.

It differs from the Virtual Offices because your company telephone number is local and stationery. You must change it and can not transfer it every time you move into a new location of a physically based office.

In conclusion…
It is up to you to decide which office would be more suitable for you, your business and team – Virtual Office or standard physically based office. Which one do you think is more cost effective and costs you less?… Please feel free to share your opinion and comments.

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