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Property Search Bulgaria

Property Search BulgariaProperty Search Bulgaria

A new virtual business service is added to our portfolio: Property Search Bulgaria. It was specially designed for our international clients who need to either buy or rent property in Bulgaria.

We will search and find the perfect property for you, according to all your specific requirements and criteria, through portal websites such as , but also through our trusted network of real estate brokers and business contacts –  . On the basis of your shortlist, we will bring you in contact with the owner or broker of the property and accompany you to the viewings. We will also support you for the translation in order to ensure that you are treated in a mannerly way and your interests are considered and protected.

What do you get when you order a Property Search Bulgaria package? You get a Personal – Virtual Assistant (VA):

  • VA researches the market and prepares a list of properties that fit your criteria;
  • VA organizes viewings of the properties on you shortlist;
  • VA provides translation from English to Bulgarian and vice versa;
  • VA contacts owners, brokers or agencies and follows-up with them;
  • VA verifies the actual content of any information presented to you and translates it to you in English;
  • VA documents any important information, phone calls and ongoing communications with owners, brokers or agencies;
  • VA supports you before signing contracts (for review and translation);
  • VA coordinates your business Calendar in Bulgaria if necessary;
  • VA represents you if needed and protects your interests;
  • You may consult with one of our experts in Law, upon demand.

What is the rate of the Package: Property Search Bulgaria?
It is estimated at 6 working hours, at price of 79 Euro for the package (excl. VAT).  Our practice is to deliver the business service after payment is made.

What challenges you may face if you Search Property in Bulgaria alone? Let us protect you against the risks below:

  • If you Search Property in Bulgaria on your own, you may get often confused, mislead and waste too much time.
  • We predict what obstacles and barriers you may face and make sure you do not get affected by any of these.
  • We are aware of the reality and the specifics of the property market in Bulgaria. For example: if you want to rent a 2 bedroom apartment, we should search for it under the category of 3 room flats (because a 3 room flat consists of 1 living room with kitchen and 2 bedrooms, as per Bulgarian practices).
  • Most of the properties are often offered by various non-licensee agencies, or non- professional brokers, who have not even seen what they are going to show you.
  • The same property may be incorrectly disposed on many websites intentionally just to attract more clients.
  • One property may be offered on different prices and promoted by very many small and suspicious agencies.
  • Using the “Ghost Buyer” in order to create false expectations and increase the price of the property
  • Verification of the legal status of the property by a trusty broker/agency is very important for the successful purchase, or rental deal. For example: when you buy property, it is crucial that it is free of mortgage.

We are here to support you with our new package: Property Search Bulgaria. You can rely on our trustful sources and experts who can provide you with the best offers and solutions when you need to buy or rent property in Bulgaria. We are here for you and will be happy to support you.

Please, fill in our Survey, so that we understand all your needs and start working on your order now.

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